Benny Boy gate-crashed his way into dance music in late 2012 and has been a burden on the scene ever since. He secured a job with George FM by literally not leaving after an internship and battled his way into the hearts and minds of New Zealanders, whether they wanted him there or not. In 2018 he was awarded NZs Best DJ and hasn’t stopped telling people since.

He brings a chaotic style to DJ sets, throwing out huge tracks and quirky mashups as quickly as you can say “hey, we didn’t book you to play here” He can be spotted sifting around nightlife venues the length of the country and can be regularly found at New Zealand’s largest festivals, drinking other artists riders and occasionally playing music.

His debut album “Bend it Like Benny” is non-existent, and as such debuted nowhere on the NZ top 40 viral charts. He is no stranger to Rhythm and Vines, having played our New Years Eve countdown in 2014, and since the trespass notice is finally up, we are pleased to welcome him back to the Cellar Stage this Dec 30th