Gavin began his involvement with music DJing around Nottingham as part of Giddy Fruit,  a group of like minded friends who were frequenting the deep house nights of the town in the early 90's. Inspired by the sounds of local heroes DiY and Go Tropo the Giddy crew would commandeer their own and friends' houses , cover them in decor and fill them with speakers and invite a club full of strangers to enjoy their first forays into public performance.

Over the years the Giddy Fruit sound could be found in clubs, at their own "Giddy Up" nights or guesting for fellow house heads such as Quadrant and Smokescreen. Towards the end of the 90s Gavin began to get interested in "the studio”, where all these great tunes derived. Invited along by friends Steve Walker and Jay Cowley, of house outfit To-Ka Project, Gavin contributed to two tracks on the 1999 To-Ka EP on Viva "Don't Cry", his first vinyl release.

By now Gavin had been a regular at parties thrown by Smokescreen, originally a rig from Sheffield that had relocated to Nottingham. The Giddy crew, especially Gav, Al and Lucy, would always bring their tunes down and eventually pester their way onto the decks. It was here that Gav first met Steve Lee, who had been playing for Smokescreen since his early teens and was himself starting to make his first attempts at making music. Gav and Steve found they shared a drive to make music and Gav began trekking down to the Rubber Biscuit studio with Steve to see what they could do.

Meanwhile several of Gav's co-compositions with Jay from To-Ka had found their way onto releases on his side project, Lo-Motion. Together they put out well received tracks on Tilted, Myna, DiY and Drop Music before Jay withdrew from the house music scene.

Gav and Steve had by now gelled and, calling themselves The Littlemen, had their first major release with the "Tall Order EP" on Drop Music in 2001. They then went on a run of around 20 EPs in the next 7 years, including highly respected labels such as Amenti, Lowdown, Tango, Nightshift and Aroma. Steve also founded a label, Mobile Trax, which put out a string of excellent releases between 2003-2011.

By 2008 Gavin was also making solo material and put out his debut tracks on Guess Who? and Guesthouse. He has since then put out several releases on Mobile Trax as well as EP's and remixes for labels such as Aroma, Myna, and Odour.

In 2015 Gavin relocated with his family to Northland, New Zealand where he has put together a sound system and is busy organising  parties ( Love Bug, FFWD and Glitter Balls) covering various styles of music from disco to techno via house as well as releasing music on local label HuHu.

2018 sees Gavin putting out a two-part release on Replay Recordings, the UK label run by his old party associates Kinky Movement,  as well as continuing to push quality music onwards with event organisation and DJ work.