23 year-old electronic pop producer MAALA has a string of great tracks to his name and has been a fixture at NZ festivals over the past two years.

MAALA has quickly becoming a household name thanks to a series of perfectly chilled cuts like 2017 hits “In My Head” and “Crazy”, and tracks like “Touch” and “Kind Of Love” featured on his debut album Composure.

MAALA’s audience is on the rise on Spotfiy with over 15 million streams on the service and MAALA’s debut album Composure was one of the NZ albums of 2016. It earned him the best male solo artist award at the NZ Music Awards.

Fellow Kiwi Zane Lowe, host of Apple's taste-making Beats 1 radio show, proclaimed that MAALA's music 'blew him away’, even premiering the buzzing, new wavy ‘Into the Air’ to millions of listeners.

Over the past two years, MAALA has risen from little known local enigma to garnering near instant acclaim on the world stage. Since first single 'Touch' hit the airwaves the accolades flooded in, the streams kept flowing, and the fan base grew exponentially. In an age of oversharing, MAALA’s anonymity put the focus back on the music.

Numerous international blogs praised his debut release, including Hilly Dilly (“…a rather invincible body of work,”) Acid Stag, (“Another mysterious newcomer bringing some serious talent to the scene…”) as well as local blogs including Sniffers and Libel.

With debut album Composure, MAALA reached – and in many cases, surpasses -- the upper echelons of his contemporaries. The songs twist and turn but never deviate from their path. Some swell up in steady euphoric revelry; others simmer in the heat of heartbreak and lost love. All this from a guy of just 23.