Amber Giles (born May 30, 1992, known professionally as Mija, is an American electronic music producer, DJ, and promoter, originally from Phoenix, Arizona, who came to attention in 2014 after she played with Skrillex. As a promoter she booked Skrillex before he came to mainstream attention. She lived with several DJs when she was 18, and after briefly studying fashion she dropped out and started DJing full-time in Phoenix in 2012 aged 19. Initially she played events such as weddings, and later the Sheraton Hotel and parties in Downtown Phoenix. She moved away from rave and played more disco house, collaborating with Eric Daily on Deux Yeux, a French house and nu-disco duo. She got the name "Mija" (Spanish slang for "my daughter") as a nickname from her then-boyfriend. Billboard listed her among "15 Female DJs You Need to Know Now" in October 2015.

Giles describes her musical style as "fk a genre", not liking to be categorised. Her manager is Jeffrey O'Neill of Blood Company and her agents are Paradigm Talent Agency. Giles feels that she has been the equal of her male peers and that the male domination of the EDM scene is slowly changing; she says "I don't think about it often -- only when asked in interviews".

In 2015 MIJA started Fk A Genre, a tour & promotion brand that programs diverse genres of music into a single show. "It (Fk A Genre) gave artists free range to do whatever they wanted to do, and not what their normal fan base expected."

In 2016 Giles launched Made By Mija, a fashion brand based out of Los Angeles, where she is the primary designer.