Here at R&V we are making steps to encourage sustainability while you celebrate. Our aim is to keep Rhythm clean and love the vines. We need your help, each year tonnes of waste goes to landfill. A big portion of this waste has been from disposable plastic cups and tents that can not be recycled, this year we are hoping to reduce this.


There will be a Team around on January 1 st  to encourage, motivate and direct you to save not only
the environment but also your pocket. Reusing your camping gear = more money for beers, quick

Don’t let your tent go to waste. A tent can be for endless summers not just one festival. Invest in
quality camping gear for a lifetime of good times. Do the right thing, love your tent, take it home
(insert peace emoji).




Buy a lanyard and keep your cup close throughout the festival to reuse at the bars and water refill stations. Or get it refunded ($1) at your local refund station located at Globelet HQ in Grand Central and the Vines Village customer service point. Refunded cups will be washed and reused to promote a reusable economy and eliminate waste.


Rhythm Roadie Facebook group -  
Find rides, carpool, offer tips and other roadie info. Save coin on transport + save on your carbon


Help stop over 80,000 single use plastic cups going to landfill. 

Become active in sustainable development! Save your cup and save your $. All drinks that require the use of a cup are served in unique R & V branded reusable cups, the deposit ($3) of which is included in the price of the drink.


BYO Water Bottle! 
There are plenty of water refill stations across the festival to help you reduce your plastic waste and
the cost of your water.

There will also be reusable, BPA free, upcycled plastic bottles available for purchase at Shop Rhythm and customer service points.


Ciggie Butt Bins
Help us ensure butts end up in the bin, not into our beautiful vines.

Be a Tidy Kiwi
Respect Gisborne, respect our neighbours and respect yourselves.