Reflections Print 2003-2016 (Unframed)

Reflections Print 2003-2016 (Unframed)


Purchase your very own piece of R&V history.

Fourteen years of R&V lineups have been masterfully re-purposed by, with a vision to highlight the past while looking to the future. From 2003 - 2016, over 500 acts have featured on the R&V poster.

These acts are more than just a name on a poster. They tell a story. A story of pop culture, musical trends that shaped the festival landscape here in New Zealand. From bedroom producers to your mate's mate's band, right through to some of the biggest acts in the world, including some of Aotearoa's very own. 

From the BBQ reggae days of 2003 through to 2006, where the darling days of indie rock took a spike. Enter the times of electro, drum and bass, grime and trap, towards the growth of hip hop and EDM we feel and hear today. 

These pieces would look great in the lounge, bedroom or office.

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